C&J Recommend Paws Decor

While headlining the West Coast Women's Show in Abbotsford we ran into the team behind Paws Decor, a fab company who create real cool furniture for your pets! Def' worth checking out! Woof! Miaow!

C et J xx

Brittany Says

I just love Paws Decor's Signature Lounges. I bought one for my 2 year old lab and now he really feels like part of the family. We often have a lot of visitors over and the Signature Lounges fits so well into our decor our friends try to sit on them, but our lab Boomer barks and lets them know its his space. lol. And talk about easy to clean. I can't believe no one thought of these before!!!


Ralph Noddin and Makaely Rois are the owners, designers and builders of Paws Decor Pet Place Renovations and handcrafted pet furniture for your pets, home or work place.  We have now moved to our new home in Nanaimo on Beautiful Vancouver Island B.C.